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Did You Know Beautiful Landscapes Can Help Alleviate Stress?

It’s been a challenging couple of years, but did you know there is a soul satisfying way to alleviate stress and help you navigate the uncertainties that lie ahead? Science has found that just being outside and interacting with nature can help alleviate stress.

“Passive experiences (such as views from a window or while walking nearby) of trees, parks, and gardens can effectively reduce stress. This effect is increased if initial stress or anxiety levels are high. For example, public housing residents with nearby trees and grass were more effective in coping with stressful major life issues compared to those with homes surrounded by concrete. Women may respond more positively to neighborhood green space.34 Some studies indicate that people may feel psychologically restored simply by looking at a photograph of a natural scene. People experiencing high stress can also benefit from being physically active in a nature setting.”

Water Wise Designs can help you create a beautiful landscape you can escape to that will help alleviate your stress. Call us for a consultation and/or design at 801-899-6166.

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