Landscape Design



Residential Waterwisedesigns

Let me help you design a landscape that is not only beautiful but is water wise and be easier to maintain than typical landscapes.  Your water wise landscape will be designed around your needs and tastes, whether you like simple lines and ease of maintenance or an abundance of color and texture. 

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Edible Landscapes


Did you know that you can have a water wise landscape and harvest food from your flower beds?  Let me help you design a landscape that is useful as well as beautiful!


Commercial and Residential Landscape Consultations

I have years of experience in horticulture, water efficiency and landscape maintenance and would love to help you look at your landscape, uncover the issues that are keeping it from looking its best and come up with solutions.  I can work with commercial and residential properties, gardeners and even other landscapers.  I am well versed in Integrated Pest Management principles and can help you with organic and/or chemical solutions depending on your needs. I can also help you identify problems with your irrigation systems and recommend companies that can fix those issues properly.


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